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Fumigation Services

Atmospheric Gas Site Fumigation – The ultimate in bedbug colony destruction

The proven bedbug elimination results of Vikane gas from Dow Chemical are legendary. Contact us for this highly scientific and reliable method of introducing gasses into sealed and contained areas.

Vikane Fumigant

Vikane is a brand name for the chemical and active ingredient thereof, sulfuryl fluoride. This trusted and effective fumigant will be utilized mainly in the eradication of bed bugs (Cimex lectularius). This product and application methodology allows A1-ABLE Pest Doctors to eliminate every life stage of the bed bug from egg through its six lifetime development stages including adults. Vikane is introduced into the infested environment where it penetrates throughout the structure and destroys the target pests. Extensive safety precautions and application regulations assure the consumer of a successful pest elimination service with no adverse health or structural complications with this proven product and the trained personnel of A1-ABLE Pest Doctors.