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Termites & Other Wood Destroyers

SUBTERRANEAN TERMITES can get into ANY STRUCTURE including brick, stucco or block.

It doesn’t matter what your home is made of because termites don’t discriminate against – termites don’t discriminate against brick, block, stucco or even homes built on concrete slabs. That’s because termites get in through tiny cracks and crevices in, under and around your home.


(Length: 1/8” – 3/8”) These are social insects living in colonies in the soil. The colony is made up of workers, soldiers and reproductives. Subterranean termite colonies feed on wood or other cellulose material such as paper, cardboard and fiberboard. They do excessive damage in the U.S. every year. Workers are blind and cream colored, entering homes while foraging for food, through cracks as small as 1/64”. The workers return to feed the other members of the colony on a regular basis. Winged reproductives (swamers) are dark, and many lose their wings shortly after their swarming flight which is early Spring in the Miami Valley.


Termites are almost never seen until their damage has already been done!

To make matters worse, your home may be sitting on up to six subterranean termite colonies in a single acre plot, with each colony housing up to a million termites.

So how can you protect your home from the threat of termites?
First… Call for your FREE INSPECTION and estimate in writing by a licensed professional at A1 Able Pest Doctors.

Ask about our various treatment plans especially our exclusive TERMIPEST total protection programs.

Termites cause over 2 billion dollars of damage each year to homes in the USA. More than fires and hurricanes combined!

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