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Conductive Conditions


90% of insects in your home enter from the exterior.  Insects, rodents and other pests require everything we humans need to survive.  We need food, water and shelter.  Thusly, insects invade our homes because of their needs to survive.

A-1 / Able’s Pest Prevention Program focuses on the exterior of your home by eliminating sourcesconditions, and entry points.

Sources include areas where pests originate such as leaf piles, mulch beds, open trash cans, debris along the foundation and fence lines.  Certain trees and shrubs are sources of migratory beetles and ant attracting aphids.

Conditions include standing water in bird baths and small pools, foul and/or unsanitary trash cans, firewood stacked against the house, bird feeders providing food for rodents, and tall weeds or trailing vines that allow harborage.  Even unpainted wood invites carpenter bees.

Entry points are the insects’ highway into your home.  These areas of entry include door seals, missing caulking on doors and windows, poor weather stripping, cracks in the foundation, un-repaired holes in siding, poorly installed or torn screens, uncapped chimneys, improperly installed vents on the eaves and closed gutters.

Our pest prevention program focuses on these and other points on your property to prevent pest and infestations inside.  Our Pest Prevention Program is an award winning customer service.