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10 crazy facts about cockroaches

in pests in your home Cockroaches

Closely associated with dirt, filth and the spread of disease, just the mere mention of cockroaches can make your skin crawl. Most homeowners are at least somewhat familiar with the health and safety risks associated with cockroach infestations, including allergies and asthma.

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Commodity fumigation: Budget-friendly way to fight personal item infestations

in pests in your home bed bugs bug proofing and prevention

Faced with an increased demand for better pest control options, it’s the A1 Able Pest Doctors goal to deliver just that, while creating less stress and labor for our customers. As a result, we’re expanding our Vikane gas fumigation offerings with “commodity fumigation.”

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Mouse in your house? Tips for preventing unwelcome winter houseguests

in pests in your home Rodents Wild Animals

As the weather gets colder, we want to spend more time indoors…and so do rodents. Rats, mice and squirrels are in search of a warm, toasty place with food and nesting materials nearby. That’s why winter is a prime time for mouse infestations.

In fact, according to the National Pest Management Association (NPMA), rodents invade about 21 million homes each winter. Roughly 24 percent of homeowners will report mice or rats on their properties during this season.

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Do-It-Yourself bed bug treatment

in pests in your home bug proofing and prevention bed bugs and mites

As a continuation of the best bed bug treatment options, we would like to focus on A1 Able Pest Doctors “Do-It-Yourself” bed bug kits. For the entire month of October, we are running a bed bug kit special at our three Miami Valley retail locations (1320 N. Keowee, Dayton; 406 W. McCreight, Springfield; 1190 N. County Rd. 25A, Troy), also available at our Bug Store online. During the month of October, you can purchase one bed bug kit at full price and get a second kit for half off.

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Fall: Prime season for stink bugs in your home

in pests in your home Earwigs and Stink Bugs

There are so many things to love about the fall season…but the increase in the stink bug population isn’t one of them.

Why couldn’t we have an increase in butterflies, dragonflies or hummingbirds this time of year, instead of the insect world’s version of the skunk?

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Vikane gas fumigation: Explaining this bed bug treatment

in pests in your home bug proofing and prevention bed bugs and mites

In a previous post (“3 effective treatments for eliminating bed bugs”), we addressed three of the most common and helpful treatments for getting rid of bed bugs in your home. Vikane® fumigant is the most effective eradication method we offer, so we’ve decided to take a deeper dive into explaining this treatment

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What the heck is a boxelder bug?

in pests in your home Yard Pests Beetles and Cockroaches

In the summertime, you probably don’t even notice them. During the warm weather days of spring and summer, the boxelder bug, Boisea trifittattus, quietly lives and breeds in boxelder and silver maple trees. Although they feed on the leaves, flowers and seed pods of these trees, they generally don’t cause any noticeable damage.

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3 effective treatments for eliminating bed bugs

in pests in your home bed bugs bug proofing and prevention

You’ve worked really hard to avoid a bed bug infestation in your home, but there they are: signs that the nefarious pest has invaded your living space. Of course, your first step will be to call your local pest expert, but it helps to know in advance what treatment options might be available to you.

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Why hot and dry weather can increase pest activity in your home

in pests in your home

After a cold, wet start to summer here in the Miami Valley, Mother Nature flipped the switch to “hot and dry” for many weeks. While our yards don’t like that kind of weather and turned quite crispy, some pests found the weather to be a good excuse to invite themselves into our homes.

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What Attracts Bed Bugs To Your Home?

in bed bugs bug proofing and prevention

Unfortunately with the warmer weather comes bed bugs proliferating in our homes. It was documented that there is an increase in the number of bed bugs in North America, Australia, and even South Asian countries like Indonesia and the Philippines in these upcoming warmer months. It is an ongoing problem even in private residences and with businesses such as condominiums and hotels. So, given this problem, what really attracts bed bugs into our households?

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