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4 Bugs you’ll see more of in the spring

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After a long winter, it may seem like spring’s arrival has come at a crawling pace. March marks the official beginning of spring, as well as the unofficial launch of pest season. As temperatures warm up and moisture peaks, insects come creeping.

Just as different flowers bloom in the spring versus the summer, there is a seasonality to bugs. You’re more likely to see different species at certain times of the year, and spring pests are not for the faint-hearted.

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How to tell the difference between flying ants and termites

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Have you ever seen a small, black insect flying in your house and wondered: Is it is an ant? Could it be a termite? Can ants even fly?

We’re here to tell you that ants can fly…and so can termites.

In fact, the flying members of ant and termite colonies are the only ones that can reproduce. Both ants and termites fly – or “swarm” – when they’re breeding. After mating has occurred, males will die, and queens will drop their wings and move to a nesting site.

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Just because temperatures dropped doesn’t mean the bugs will

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After a warm start to our winter here in the Miami Valley, we’ve certainly made up time with recent snow events and another visit from our friend, “Polar Vortex,” a few weeks ago.

While enduring cold winter weather can be annoying, some would argue it’s better than dealing with mosquitoes and other winged-nuisances that plague southwest Ohio in the summer months.

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4 Signs you may have carpenter ants

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The largest ant in Ohio—as well as the nation—can be found right here in our part of the state. Ohio is home to 13 different ant species, with carpenter ants being the largest. The biggest carpenter ants (winged queens) measure up to three-quarters of an inch.

Carpenter ants eat plant and animal matter, but they can cause serious damage by chewing through wooden structures and other materials to form pathways between their nests and food sources.

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5 Signs of a Termite Problem

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No homeowner wants their home to be infested with termites! They are destructive, can be costly to mitigate, and are quite frankly, horrendous. Since many individuals have a hard time distinguishing the signs of a termite problem, damages have occurred in the house and it may be too late.

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3 Signs Your Home is Being Invaded by Termites

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Termite activity can be very high at this time of year. This is why it is essential for you to understand when this activity is taking place. To avoid a termite infestation you must partake in careful observation, prevention, and maintenance.

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