4 Signs you may have carpenter ants

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The largest ant in Ohio—as well as the nation—can be found right here in our part of the state. Ohio is home to 13 different ant species, with carpenter ants being the largest. The biggest carpenter ants (winged queens) measure up to three-quarters of an inch.

Carpenter ants eat plant and animal matter, but they can cause serious damage by chewing through wooden structures and other materials to form pathways between their nests and food sources.

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Winter doesn’t stop raccoons

in pests in your home Wild Animals

If you think Old Man Winter is enough to keep raccoons away, think again.

During winter months, food sources become scarce, and weather becomes frigid, which can drive raccoons to seek food and shelter in human environments. Consequently, raccoon populations are higher in suburban and urban areas than rural areas.

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Animal invaders: Do you have uninvited guests in your attic?

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Santa has come and gone, so if you’re still hearing the prancing and pawing of reindeer hooves on your rooftop, it is quite likely coming from some other four-legged (or flying) critter.

Attics are a common place for pests to move into, especially during winter months when they’re seeking shelter from cold conditions. Identifying what kind of wild animal you have in your attic can be difficult, since it’s not an easy space to navigate and many of these pests are evasive.

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