How to tell the difference between flying ants and termites

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Have you ever seen a small, black insect flying in your house and wondered: Is it is an ant? Could it be a termite? Can ants even fly?

We’re here to tell you that ants can fly…and so can termites.

In fact, the flying members of ant and termite colonies are the only ones that can reproduce. Both ants and termites fly – or “swarm” – when they’re breeding. After mating has occurred, males will die, and queens will drop their wings and move to a nesting site.

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Just because temperatures dropped doesn’t mean the bugs will

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After a warm start to our winter here in the Miami Valley, we’ve certainly made up time with recent snow events and another visit from our friend, “Polar Vortex,” a few weeks ago.

While enduring cold winter weather can be annoying, some would argue it’s better than dealing with mosquitoes and other winged-nuisances that plague southwest Ohio in the summer months.

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