10 Little-known facts about termites

in pests in your home Ants and Termites

Spring has officially arrived, along with the tree pollen, blooming flowers and bugs. According to the National Pest Management Association, spring is also termite season because, sometime after the last freeze, young adult male and female swarmers emerge from their nests in large groups. Since swarms tend to be the only outwardly visible sign of termites, people mistakenly believe they’re only active in spring, when they’re actually quite busy all year long.

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5 things to know about paper wasps

in Yard Pests Bees and Wasps

Ohio is home to thousands of species of bees and wasps. As you venture outside this spring, you are more likely to cross paths with some more than others.

Paper wasps build their nests in residential homes, yards and gardens, community parks, and even barns and structures in rural areas. One reason in particular to watch out for paper wasps? They pack a mightier sting than your average sweat or honey bee.

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