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Why hot and dry weather can increase pest activity in your home

in pests in your home

After a cold, wet start to summer here in the Miami Valley, Mother Nature flipped the switch to “hot and dry” for many weeks. While our yards don’t like that kind of weather and turned quite crispy, some pests found the weather to be a good excuse to invite themselves into our homes.

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What Attracts Bed Bugs To Your Home?

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Unfortunately with the warmer weather comes bed bugs proliferating in our homes. It was documented that there is an increase in the number of bed bugs in North America, Australia, and even South Asian countries like Indonesia and the Philippines in these upcoming warmer months. It is an ongoing problem even in private residences and with businesses such as condominiums and hotels. So, given this problem, what really attracts bed bugs into our households?

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How Harmful Are Carpenter Bees?

in Yard Pests Bees and Wasps

Have you noticed any holes in the wooden parts of your home? There are a variety of reasons for this, but if you notice your furniture is now made from dead wood – AND it also has holes, it may be because of carpenter bees. But carpenter bees are pretty cute, so what harm can they REALLY cause?

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What To Do If You Have Bed Bugs In Your Home

in pests in your home bed bugs bug proofing and prevention

Let’s face it - bed bugs can turn your sweetest dreams into a horrendous nightmare! It’s true! They drive you crazy, trying to ignore that itchy, scratchy feeling all night long. Leaving you a red-welted, sleep-deprived individual the next morning. It sucks, right?

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5 Signs of a Termite Problem

in pests in your home Ants and Termites

No homeowner wants their home to be infested with termites! They are destructive, can be costly to mitigate, and are quite frankly, horrendous. Since many individuals have a hard time distinguishing the signs of a termite problem, damages have occurred in the house and it may be too late.

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5 Tips on How to Prevent Your Home From Being Invaded by Bed Bugs

in bed bugs bug proofing and prevention

Probably one of the more time-consuming and annoying bug infestations to deal with in our homes are bed bugs. Imagine trying to sleep your stresses away, and there they are, bed bugs! Since this type of bug needs a relatively balmy environment, houses are the perfect breeding place for their kind. 

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3 Signs Your Home is Being Invaded by Termites

in pests in your home Ants and Termites

Termite activity can be very high at this time of year. This is why it is essential for you to understand when this activity is taking place. To avoid a termite infestation you must partake in careful observation, prevention, and maintenance.

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Tips on How To Keep Your Home Bug-Safe

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The spring season is quickly approaching and this means more than just the soft breeze, or the faint smell of budding flowers; it also means the encroachment of bugs. Of course, these bugs won’t just stay in the fields or inside the thick, green forests because they may even find their way inside your home. Knowing this, how can we proof our homes from these pesky little creatures?

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Is the Beetle a Good or Bad Bug: How Can You Tell the Difference?

in Yard Pests Beetles

It’s common to freak out when you see a beetle in or near your home. Nobody wants them inside. However, did you know that these little critters play a very important role in the balance of our ecosystem? Losing just one species of insect can disable our ecosystem, which could eventually lead to the extinction of the human race. When thinking of a well-known insect, the beetle, it’s natural to wonder whether it’s a good one…or a bad one.

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7 Facts About Spiders That Will Blow Your Mind

in pests in your home spiders

The colder months have come, and you may have noticed that there is another creature that wants to live with you in your home — the spider.

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