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5 Tips on How to Prevent Your Home From Being Invaded by Bed Bugs

in bed bugs bug proofing and prevention

Probably one of the more time-consuming and annoying bug infestations to deal with in our homes are bed bugs. Imagine trying to sleep your stresses away, and there they are, bed bugs! Since this type of bug needs a relatively balmy environment, houses are the perfect breeding place for their kind. 

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3 Signs Your Home is Being Invaded by Termites

in pests in your home Ants and Termites

Termite activity can be very high at this time of year. This is why it is essential for you to understand when this activity is taking place. To avoid a termite infestation you must partake in careful observation, prevention, and maintenance.

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Tips on How To Keep Your Home Bug-Safe

in bug proofing and prevention

The spring season is quickly approaching and this means more than just the soft breeze, or the faint smell of budding flowers; it also means the encroachment of bugs. Of course, these bugs won’t just stay in the fields or inside the thick, green forests because they may even find their way inside your home. Knowing this, how can we proof our homes from these pesky little creatures?

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Is the Beetle a Good or Bad Bug: How Can You Tell the Difference?

in Yard Pests Beetles

It’s common to freak out when you see a beetle in or near your home. Nobody wants them inside. However, did you know that these little critters play a very important role in the balance of our ecosystem? Losing just one species of insect can disable our ecosystem, which could eventually lead to the extinction of the human race. When thinking of a well-known insect, the beetle, it’s natural to wonder whether it’s a good one…or a bad one.

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7 Facts About Spiders That Will Blow Your Mind

in pests in your home spiders

The colder months have come, and you may have noticed that there is another creature that wants to live with you in your home — the spider.

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Five Awesome Things We Can Learn from Pest Control

in bug proofing and prevention

When pests infiltrate your home, it can be one of the biggest inconveniences imaginable. They can cause cosmetic and structural damage, but they can also cause problems to your budget or your health.

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Here’s What No One Tells You About Stink Bug

in pests in your home Yard Pests Earwigs and Stink Bugs

A previously-little-known stink bug has been infesting most of our homes lately, and almost everyone is clueless about these bugs or even about how to control them. The brown marmorated stink bug (BMSB), scientifically called the Halyomorpha halys, has been found in 49 countries and has been known as an agricultural pest in Eastern countries such as China and Japan. In America, it is commonly known to be an indoor pest and is abundant mostly during the warmer seasons.

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Five Reasons Why People Love Pest Control

Regular maintenance is a significantly important aspect of preserving your home. It should not be confined to the general routines of home cleaning and small repairs that most of us are familiar with. Pest control has gained exponential popularity throughout the years, simply because it’s much easier to protect your home and stay safe without the threat of insect and rodent infestation. That considered, here’s 5 reasons why pest control is loved and insisted upon by many homeowners:

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Out with the Old: Discover New Green Ways We Protect Your Home from Bugs

in pests in your home bug proofing and prevention

With the state of our world today, it is always a good idea to take part in efforts to preserve our environment. We want our future generations to see and experience what we have had the privilege of enjoying our entire lives. If we all put on our to-do list doing our part to preserve this creation, we can make a huge difference. Being one with nature doesn’t require a massive life change. We can take our own little steps to make that difference!

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Hibernate in Your Home this Winter Without the Creepy-Crawly Visitors

in spiders Beetles and Cockroaches Moths and Flies

Most likely everyone has had a visitor every winter, but it’s not your typical house guest; it hides in walls and corners of your house. Creepy crawlies like house spiders, lacewings, and flies…are you sure you are ready to face them once again? Here’s what you should look for:

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