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Combating pests in your commercial space

in commercial pests bug proofing and prevention

Maintaining the cleanliness and overall structure of your commercial space can be challenging, especially if it’s in an old building. Regardless of the building’s value, the size of your property is also considered. Salons, bakeries, coffee shops, bookstores, or whatever type of business you have, getting rid of pests can cause some headache sometimes.

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Be Grateful for Bugs! 5 Bugs that Actually Help Us

in Yard Pests Beetles

Most humans are afraid of insects, although we merely call them ‘pests.’ Unknowingly, these ‘pests’ do help us in some ways most people are probably not aware of. Listed below are some insects that are not your typical pests; in fact, you should welcome them into your garden.

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How Ohio Winters Impact the Bug Population

in Yard Pests Caterpillars

To many, Winter in Ohio is considered milder than the average winter temperatures in other states. A number of questions have been presented about the coming winter; people are wondering which pests will be bugging them as the cold approaches.

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3 Types of Spiders You’ll Likely See This Fall

in pests in your home spiders Yard Pests

As Halloween is approaching, you might notice the shelves of Target are like your house – seemingly stocked with spiders and spider webs. As the cold approaches, the spiders move in! Spiders stay near our homes because of the warm retreat they feel. Not only are they are getting ready for the winter ahead, but it’s also mating season!

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Fight Back Against Stink Bugs: Seek Professional Help

in stink bugs pests in your home bug proofing and prevention

Pests can be quite a nightmare for homeowners. Bugs, like cockroaches, can actually live without a head for up to seven days, and it will only die because without a mouth it can’t eat or drink! Although your home might not be at risk of being overrun by cockroaches, you still have to avoid other nasty pests like stink bugs.

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Beware of Biting Bed Bugs: 3 Sure Signs of an Infestation

in bed bugs commercial pests pests in your home bug proofing and prevention

Bed bugs are horrible little creatures that cause serious stress and shame for countless homeowners.

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What Are Killer Wasps and How to Deal with Them

in Yard Pests Bees and Wasps

Have you ever seen a giant beeattacking a cicada first-hand?! Despite its looks, this is most likely not really a giant bee...

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Cicadas: What You Need To Know

in Cicadas Yard Pests bug proofing and prevention

Have you ever been awakened in the early morning or kept awake at night with a super loud and annoying “BUZZZZZ” sound happening right outside your window?

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Top Five Pests in Ohio this Summer

in business pest prevention food service pest prevention Pest this summer Top bugs in Ohio Top Five Pests in Ohio this Summer Top pest

Summer is finally here and so are the pests!

While you are out and about, enjoying the sun, you’re going to encounter many pests that will most certainly sneak into your house. Pests who go into hiding in winter months to stay warm will definitely emerge, reproduce and expand their habitats this season! What are those pests? Why do you see most of them at this time of the year? How can you prevent them from finding their way into your home? How can you get rid of them? Read on to discover more.

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A Mosquito Bite or A Bed Bug Bite

in A Mosquito Bite or A Bed Bug Bite

Waking up with strange red marks on your body makes you wonder… is this a bite from a mosquito or is this one from – hopefully not – a bed bug? It’s always important to figure out what kind of bug bite you have so we can take the best course of action to help you. We have listed some points on how you can tell between the two. Before we get to that, let’s discuss the difference between bed bugs and mosquitoes.

A Mosquito Bite or A Bed Bug Bite

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