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How to Get Water Bugs Out of Your Pool This Summer

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There are two common types of water bugs that are a nuisance to pool owners and managers:

Water Boatmen

Water Bugs and How to Eliminate Them


Looking forward to summer travel and water fun this summer? There are few summertime pleasures that beat time spent in the water. If the sight of bugs sharing your pool isn’t bad enough, some of the culprits actually bite. Water bugs are one of these pests! You will find a lot of them in pools, ponds, lakes and freshwater streams. Water bugs can grow up to more than 12 centimeters long, although the average length is just two centimeters. These are oval-shaped bugs that eat algae, mosquito larvae, and other water microorganisms. Fortunately, they do not bite. They need to breath air so they can be drowned, but they can also fly and lay eggs in pool algae.

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Telltale Signs of a Carpenter Ant Infestation

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Most species of ants are a nuisance at worst, but carpenter ants are capable of dealing real damage to your home if left unchecked. How?

In order for Carpenter ants to make their nests, they excavate through wood. These create tunnels for them to use, and over time can compromise the structural integrity of your home. How can you tell if you have carpenter ants eating at your home? Here are the telltale signs:

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The Deadliest Insect on Earth

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According to the World Health Organization, approximately 725,000 human deaths are caused by mosquitoes each year.

The Deadliest Insect on Earth


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What You Should Know About Carpenter Bees

in are carpenter bees dangerous carpenter bee prevention carpenter bees carpenter bees in ohio carpenter bees sting? do carpenter bees sting? what do carpenter bees look like What You Should Know About Carpenter Bees

There are two types of carpenter bees that can be found within the United States. The large carpenter bees (Xylocopa) and small carpenter bees (Ceratina). The common name “carpenter bee” derives from their nesting behavior; nearly all species burrow into hard plant material such as dead wood or bamboo. The large carpenter bees are the ones mostly responsible for damages known to property owners.

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How to Identify and Control Aphids

in aphid control aphids diy aphid control diy termite control facts about termites how to get rid of aphids how to get rid of termites How to Identify and Control Aphids pest control dayton pest control springfield termite facts termite pest control

Aphids are tiny, light bugs; but when put together in large numbers, they can become a huge destructive force against your crop or garden.

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Watch Out for These Common Spring Pests!

in spring pests common spring pests dayton exterminators dayton pest control dayton pest prevention pests during spring spring bugs spring rodents stinging insects Watch Out for These Common Spring Pests!

Spring brings nature back to life after months of the cold and snow. Those that come back aren’t limited to bright flowers and green grass! It’s also the best time for critters to flourish and follow their instincts.

For us humans, it’s always a little annoying because these spring-time pests are going to wreak havoc this season since our winter was fairly mild.

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How to Safely Remove a Tick

in pest prevention business pest prevention dayton tick removal how to remove a tick How to Safely Remove a Tick removing a tick spring pests springfield tick removal tick removal ticks

Ticks are pesky critters that live by feeding on the blood of other animals, notably a nuisance for us humans. Tick season begins in early spring and continues through fall.


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A Recollection of the Rocktober Purse Drive

in pest doctors A Recollection of the Rocktober Purse Drive charity Rocktober Purse Drive

The temperature is still dropping as we take on February, which most of the time seems like the longest part of the year.

That means it’s time for us to reminisce on an amazing event we supported this past October and give you that warm and fuzzy feeling inside, even though it’s chilly out there!

I’m sure everyone who saw the “Purse Drive” back in October/November can’t forget it. For a recap, the Interfaith Hospitality Network of Springfield were in need of purses, be it used or new. Their organization provides much needed assistance to homeless families in the Springfield region. They do this by providing assistance with finding permanent housing, as well as job and education services.

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A New Year’s Resolution for Every Homeowner

in pest prevention A New Year’s Resolution for Every Homeowner pest prevention tips

If there’s ever a good time to start something, it’s the start of a new year. Maybe you’ve planned a workout routine, or valuing more ‘me’ time, or maybe saving up money to organize your finances better. Whatever the plan is, it’s best to keep doing them and never give up! Pest-proofing is no different. The resolution every homeowner should make as soon as possible is to pest-proof their homes for the months ahead. Here are 4 tips to get started:

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Fruit Flies and Gnats in Winter

in pest prevention Fruit Flies and Gnats in Winter fruit flies in winter gnats in winter winter fruit flies winter gnats winter pest prevention

Fruit Flies and Gnats in Winter


Every Winter, predictable things happen. The temperature drops, snow starts covering the ground, and a lot of insects hibernate.

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