Summer in Ohio means Cicada Killer Wasps

in Cicadas Bees and Wasps

They’re big, they buzz, and they’re back!
They look mean. Even their name sounds menacing. No wonder so many people are alarmed just by the sight of the big, buzzing cicada killer wasp.

And understandably so, given that they’re the largest wasps in Ohio, measuring around 1¼ inches in length. Their black and yellow markings are also similar to those found on a hornet, meaning the two insects are regularly mistaken for one another. And high summer in the Buckeye State is peak time for cicada killer wasps, the males of which tend to aggressively buzz anything—including people—that enters their territory.

Rest easy, though. While they look scary, killer wasps are not typically dangerous—unless you’re a cicada. That (as the name implies) is what they’re after. But since cicada killer wasps are so numerous in the summer, and since they’re so often confused for the more dangerous hornet, knowing how to spot and potentially control them may come in handy.

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5 things to know about paper wasps

in Yard Pests Bees and Wasps

Ohio is home to thousands of species of bees and wasps. As you venture outside this spring, you are more likely to cross paths with some more than others.

Paper wasps build their nests in residential homes, yards and gardens, community parks, and even barns and structures in rural areas. One reason in particular to watch out for paper wasps? They pack a mightier sting than your average sweat or honey bee.

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How Harmful Are Carpenter Bees?

in Yard Pests Bees and Wasps

Have you noticed any holes in the wooden parts of your home? There are a variety of reasons for this, but if you notice your furniture is now made from dead wood – AND it also has holes, it may be because of carpenter bees. But carpenter bees are pretty cute, so what harm can they REALLY cause?

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What Are Killer Wasps and How to Deal with Them

in Yard Pests Bees and Wasps

Have you ever seen a giant beeattacking a cicada first-hand?! Despite its looks, this is most likely not really a giant bee...

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