3 Common Pest Control Myths Revealed

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You may have a great aunt who passes down old wives’ tales with conviction or a confident coworker who touts some “facts” and holds steadfast to their truth (without giving any factual backing). Sometimes, nodding in agreement to these claims or even adhering to them can be harmless. But other times, listening to these “facts” can unknowingly put you and your family at risk.

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Animal invaders: Do you have uninvited guests in your attic?

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Santa has come and gone, so if you’re still hearing the prancing and pawing of reindeer hooves on your rooftop, it is quite likely coming from some other four-legged (or flying) critter.

Attics are a common place for pests to move into, especially during winter months when they’re seeking shelter from cold conditions. Identifying what kind of wild animal you have in your attic can be difficult, since it’s not an easy space to navigate and many of these pests are evasive.

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Mouse in your house? Tips for preventing unwelcome winter houseguests

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As the weather gets colder, we want to spend more time indoors…and so do rodents. Rats, mice and squirrels are in search of a warm, toasty place with food and nesting materials nearby. That’s why winter is a prime time for mouse infestations.

In fact, according to the National Pest Management Association (NPMA), rodents invade about 21 million homes each winter. Roughly 24 percent of homeowners will report mice or rats on their properties during this season.

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