Itchy Bites and Sleepless Nights: How to Handle the Scourge of Bedbugs

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Bedbugs made news a few years ago after infesting hotel rooms in tourist-heavy locales such as Chicago and New York. But bedbugs can hitch a ride almost anywhere, on almost anything—and have become a scourge to residents in a number of U.S. cities, including Columbus, Cincinnati and Cleveland.

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When Bed Bugs Show Up At Work - Oh No!

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You may know that kids can bring bed bugs home from school or a friend's house—but did you know you or your partner could pick up bed bugs at work?

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Tips for Bed Bug Prevention

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Tips for Bed Bug Prevention

When you’re asleep, it’s very easy for bedbugs to feed on you. Their bites would most likely leave you with rashes in the morning. But most importantly, you would feel uncomfortable in your own home, knowing that a particular area is infested while you’re having a good night’s rest.

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