Prepare for the Invasion: How to Keep Relentless Stink Bugs at Bay

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They don’t bite, they cause no known harm to humans, and they feed almost exclusively on plants. But don’t let that rather benign description fool you—if they get into your house, stink bugs can become a major problem. When squashed or threatened, they emit their terrible namesake smell. And with few natural predators, they’ve evolved into a nuisance in 45 states—including Ohio. - To learn more about treating stink bugs in the home, or about a general pest prevention system, call A-1 Able Pest Doctors at (800) 737-8189.

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3 Common Pest Control Myths Revealed

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You may have a great aunt who passes down old wives’ tales with conviction or a confident coworker who touts some “facts” and holds steadfast to their truth (without giving any factual backing). Sometimes, nodding in agreement to these claims or even adhering to them can be harmless. But other times, listening to these “facts” can unknowingly put you and your family at risk.

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Fight Back Against Stink Bugs: Seek Professional Help

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Pests can be quite a nightmare for homeowners. Bugs, like cockroaches, can actually live without a head for up to seven days, and it will only die because without a mouth it can’t eat or drink! Although your home might not be at risk of being overrun by cockroaches, you still have to avoid other nasty pests like stink bugs.

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