Residential Pest Control

Protection against over 40 different insect and rodent pests including termite detection.

Alltra is a registered service mark/program conceived, born and created by Pest Doctor Systems, Inc., the parent company of A-1/Able Pest Doctors. Alltra incorporates every important detail of a true Integrated Pest Management (IMP) program.

Our Alltra Program provides for inspection, identification of causative or conductive conditions, identification of pest species, identifying mechanical and sanitation corrections needed and a straight forward approach to eliminating current pest problems, as well as preventing future pest problems. A written report is given after every service.

Our Alltra Program utilizes tamper resistant in-ground stations on the exterior of a home. We attack all crawling insects with granular baits inside the stations. Also, inside the stations is a termite monitor for detecting if termites are feeding around the structure. In conjunction with the stations, materials are applied along the foundation and around windows and doors and eaves. 90% of all residential pest problems originate outside!. This is why Alltra is so effective. We do provide inside inspection and applications of powerful but low environmental impact materials when and where needed.

Alltra is the most efficient and cost effective program known that provides pest free living in residential settings. Alltra provides maximum prevention of insect infestations by pointing contributing conditions and implementing "proactive, "low-impact" and highly effective pesticides. Alltra is the most ideal pest prevention/elimination program available.

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